Our family has a long history of great lawyers. In fact, the first Lawyer in Utah, Phinehas Young, was Allen's great great grandfather. Allen's grandfather and uncle, both named Dallas, practiced in Utah County for many years. Allen has been practicing in Utah County since he became a lawyer in 1971.

Allen has litigated cases over his career which have resulted in over 100 million in settlements or judgments. He has had more than 10 trials which have resulted in judgments in excess of one million dollars.

Tyler and Allen tried two cases in 2009 which resulted in judgments of approximately $4.5 million and $2 million. They also received a successful jury verdict in 2010 and a $1.95 million verdict in 2011.

Why do we only take the best cases? Often people are injured where no fault can be attributed to someone else. We carefully analyze each case to determine whether someone was injured because of a third-party's fault. Our practice has been built upon our personal relationship with our clients and the referrals those clients have given us. As Utah injury lawyers, we limit our cases to insure we always stay in direct communication with you, our client.

In addition, Insurance companies vigorously defend cases regardless of the fault of their clients. We cannot take cases where the expense of litigation would outweigh the potential recovery for the client. Yet, we are happy to discuss the details of your case to determine if you might have a claim.

Car Cases: In car crash cases we do our best to determine who was at fault before we agree to represent a client. If it is not easy to determine who was at fault from a wreck, we may hire accident reconstruction experts or engineers to tell us who they believe was primarily at fault for the crash.

Medical Malpractice: Simply because someone is injured by a medical provider does not mean that the medical provider was at fault--the injury could have been a risk of surgery or the injury could have been inevitable etc... Therefore, we carefully screen each potential medical malpractice case by talking with doctors, nurses, administrators, etc.. to determine if an injury was caused because of a breach in the standard of care. Without a breach in the standard of care there cannot be a claim against the medical provider. On those occasions where a medical provider's conduct fell below the standard of care, and substantial injury resulted because of that breach, we may be interested in helping you.

Negligence: Often people are injured as a result of something other than a car wreck or medical malpractice. Those injuries may occur at work, while people are walking down the street, boating or in many other situations. If fault for an injury is not easy to determine, we defer our analysis of the case to experts in the relevant field to help us determine who was at fault. Again, if you have been injured and you feel that someone else may be to blame, then feel free give us a call to discuss your situation.

Products Liability: If a product is designed improperly, or is defectively constructed, and someone is injured as a result, the maker of the product may be responsible for the injuries. These injuries might arise from things like exploding vehicle tires. Again, the only way to assess the fault in these types of cases is for us to rely on trained experts in the relevant field of study. But if you feel that you have been injured as a result of products liability, please feel free to call us to discuss your claim.

We are happy to review your personal injury case for free. If you would email us a brief summary of your facts, we will get back to you as soon as possible with any questions we may have for you and an answer to your questions.